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Best Ayurvedic Clinic Near Me in Paschim Vihar is Dalco Healthcare providing Best Ayurvedic Panchkarma Therapy & Homeopathic Medicines for your family.

About Dalco Healthcare

Dalco Healthcare is established with a mission of spreading awareness in best Ayurvedic Treatments and Homeopathy Protection by managing chronic obstinate lifestyle disorders under the astute leadership of Dr. Deepak, Ayurvedic Physician and Dr. Priyanka, Homeopathic Physician.

Best Ayurvedic Panchkarma Clinic & Homeopathic Clinic that blends science with tradition by bringing contemporary research to traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments along with Homeopathy protection for your family.

The Sanskrit term “Ayur” means life or longevity and “Veda” means knowledge. Hence, Ayurveda means Science of Life. According to the World Health Organization, Ayurvedic Medicine and Pure Herbs are used in order to clean and detoxify the body and mind.

Ayurveda is the holistic body healing practice that dates back to 5000 years in India. Ayurveda is not a treatment but a methodology to keep healthy by balancing mind, body and spirit. It is a health and wellness practice with rich origins and comprehensive outlook to a healthy life.

At Dalco Healthcare, Ayurvedic remedies are rich in natural ingredients which are easily accepted by your body without incurring any side effects. It allows you to make significant changes in life that is kept close to nature by adopting a disciplined lifestyle.

"Health & Happiness Naturally"

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dalco healthcare accredited by nabh and tuv

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