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Nasal Therapy

At Dalco Healthcare, we provides you Best Nasal Therapy and Ayurvedic Treatments for your well being.

Nasal Therapy or Nasyam means instillation of medicated oil or ghee through the nasal passage. The excess of toxins accumulated in the throat, nose and head is eliminated. Patient is asked to lie down on his/her back on a wooden cot and then the Nasyam is given. The body, especially head, neck and chest, should be massaged with oil before the procedure.

The ultimate treatment for healing and cleansing. Nasya is an ancient Ayurvedic nasal treatment that combines a head, neck and shoulder massage with organic aromatherapy products and the application of warmed herbal oil to the nasal cavity.

The Benefits of Nasal Therapy :
- It enhances the activity of sense organs and protects the person from diseases pertaining to head
- Lubricates the nasal passage
- It keeps the eyes, nose and ear healthy
- It prevents the early greying of hair
- It prevents early aging process
- Relieves from headache, earache and clears the throat
- Releases stress and tension from shoulder and neck area
- Helps in curing sinus
- Relieves from migraine

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