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Leech Therapy

At Dalco Healthcare, we provides you Best Leech Therapy and Ayurvedic Treatments for your well being.

Leech Therapy sounds thoroughly medieval — however, it predates the medieval era by a substantial chunk of time. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Arabs, and Greeks all used leeches therapeutically. Skin diseases, dental problems, nervous system issues, inflammation, and more were all given the leech treatmens.

Leech Therapy is used for a cure. Medicinal leeches are used for various blood blockage condition, it helps to improve blood circulation, works as antibiotics in various infection condition, helpful in various skin disease, vessels blockage, varicose vein, gangrene, wounds, ulcers, coagulated blood condition, hair problems, joints or localized pain and many other conditions.

Leeches help to improve blood flow to regions where it has slowed or stopped, thus preventing tissue death.

The Benefits of Leech Therapy :
- Used for detox purpose
- Used for a cure
- Used for prevention of a disease
- Used for cosmetic purpose

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