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Best Panchakarma Therapy at Dalco Healthcare Near Me in Paschim Vihar, Delhi

Panchakarma Therapy

At Dalco Healthcare, we provides you Best Panchakarma Therapies and Ayurvedic Treatments for your well being.

Panchakarma comprises of two words namely pancha meaning five and karma meaning therapy. This age-old science of purifying the body is an ancient branch of Ayurveda. The treatment in Ayurveda consists of two main types. One is Shaman Chikitsa, used to subdue the vitiated Doshas, due to which any ailments may be produced.

Literally meaning Five Actions (Pancha meaning ‘five’ and karma means ‘action’), Panchakarma or Shodhana Chikitsa is one of the key foundations of the ayurvedic approach. It is an all natural and holistic technique of rejuvenating and purifying the body where, through a series of five major therapies, each core function of the body is focussed upon to cleanse your system and rid it of the toxins and waste materials that gradually get deposited in the body over time in narrow, minute areas within the body called ‘srotas’.

The duration of the Panchakarma therapy is usually 21 days to a month, depending on the individual’s condition and requirement, but it is recommended to undergo a minimum of 21-28 days of Panchkarma treatment to truly begin feeling its benefits from within. This approach of Ayurvedic treatment is also called ‘Shodhana chikitsa’, literally meaning ‘purifying treatments’.

The Benefits of Panchakarma :
- Relaxing and soothing
- Cleanses the aggregated toxins of the body.
- Removes any stress and anxiety plaguing your mind
- Restores your body’s natural balance
- Regulates the metabolism
- Cleanses and enhances the digestive system
- Opening up of blocked channels in the body
- Rejuvenates the skin and tissues
- Boosts Immunity

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