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Oleation Therapy

At Dalco Healthcare, we provides you Best Oleation Therapy and Ayurvedic Treatments for your well being.

The primary aim with Oleation / Snehapana Therapy is to make sure that all the cells in the body are saturated with so much fat that its ready to expel everything out at the first chance, and in the process, flushing out toxins as well. Once the cell expels the fat, the plasma level increases, and to maintain the normal equilibrium, the excess plasma volume is transported back to the GIT (gastro-intestinal tract). Administration of a purgative or an emetic at this point will complete the detox process. So, it is a method of a surgery without cutting anyone open. Once the toxins are out, you are as good as new and ready to accept any medicine or therapy that goes in.

Snehan is performed using substances of vegetable origin such as Til, Erand, Mahua, Sarson, Neem, Karanj, Shaijan, Priyal and Bahera, as well as substances of animal origin such as milk, curd, Ghee, meat, fat and bone tissue. The use of a specific snehan substance also depends upon the season of treatment. Therefore, while the use of Ghee has been recommended during the fall season, oil is the preferred substance during winters and the use of fat and bone marrow has been recommended during the spring season.

The Benefits of Oleation Therapy :
- Helps detoxify and rejuvenate the body
- Helps in elimination of toxins
- Speeds up the metabolism rate
- Helps in reducing and maintaining the weight
- Improves the process of the digestive system
- Helps in opening up of blocked channels
- Helps to rid of any stress

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