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Hernia ~ Best Ayurvedic Treatment

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A hernia is a weakness or tears in the abdominal muscle wall, which normally holds the inner lining of the abdomen and internal organs in place (i.e. inside, where they belong). The weakness or tear allows the inner lining to protrude and form a pouch.

The most common symptom of a hernia is a bulge or lump in the affected area. In the case of an inguinal hernia, you may notice a lump on either side of your pubic bone where your groin and thigh meet.

Pain or discomfort in the affected area (usually the lower abdomen), especially when bending over, coughing, or lifting, weakness, pressure, or a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, burning, gurgling, or aching sensation at the site of the bulge, acid reflux, which is when stomach acid moves backward into the esophagus causing a burning sensation.

Ayurveda provide the best hernia treatment naturally without any side effects and 100% safe.

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